TiviMate User Agent

User-agent is a software string that tells the IPTV provider which device is visiting their server to receive content. Sometimes, what happens is that your IPTV provider wants you to use their custom app to experience their services – so they deliberately block third-party apps like TiviMate.

When you watch streaming from their app, everything works fine, but as soon as you shift to TiviMate – some or all channels give an error, get blank or freeze frequently. 

In case you’re wondering how your provider knows you’re using TiviMate, Well their provider panel gives them user-agent information. 

Here are a few scenarios to identify you’ve got a User-Agent Issue:

If you contact your IPTV provider, complain about the error, and they force you to use their app, despite your yarning to use TiviMate – Worry not; we are here with the perfect solution to help you fix this issue within no time, and you can enjoy watching your favourite TV Shows and movies on Tivimate without trouble.

Instant Solution: How to Fix the User Agent error?

Here’s how you can resolve your TiviMate’s User-Agent problem.

Add the User Agent in Settings:

You need to add a compatible user agent in the TiviMate app’s settings to fix the error. When you don’t tap into the settings, your IPTV provider gets informed you’re using the TiviMate app, as it’s your default player. 

Once you make the right settings, your IPTV provider will get tricked into thinking you’re using their recommended app or a compatible player. 

The user agent can be added for one or all channels. For instance, if a single channel is giving your TiviMate user agent error, you can change the user agent for this individual channel. However, if multiple or all channels are not working, set the user-agent for all.

Follow these steps to change your User-Agent for all channels:

  • Open your TiviMate app 
  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on General
  • Select the User-Agent Option
  • Type the User-Agent here, i.e., Wink/1.31.1 
User agent in TiviMate app

To add it to a single channel follow these steps:

  1. Open your TiviMate app 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Playlist
  4. Select the Channel’s playlist name 
  5. Navigate the User-Agent Option
  6. Type the User-Agent here, i.e., Wink/1.31.1 

You need to know the user agent of your IPTV provider’s official app to put in the settings. If your provider’s app is based on SmartersPro, you should type IPTVSmartsPro in the settings.

In case can’t figure it out, put any suitable user agent in the settings. You can write VLC, Mozilla/5.0 or Wink/1.31.1.

Note: This setting requires Premium, if you’re not subscribed, activate the plan through TiviMate Companion.


What’s the Step-by-Step Process to Solve This Issue?

If you downloaded the TiviMate app and identify it’s a user-agent issue as some or multiple channels are freezing or showing errors, then follow these steps:

Firstly, find your IPTV service-compatible user agent. Secondly, add that user-agent by going into the app’s settings – apply for one or multiple channels according to the requirement. 

Turn off the TV or Android device and test if the error persists. In case of a yes, try another user-agent – you can try adding any user-agent freehand. Lastly, reconnect your VPN, and this would solve this error.

Why Some Channels Don’t Work Even After Changing the User-Agent?

It seems your added user agent isn’t compatible with your IPTV service. Try to change to a different user agent. If you use a VPN, turn it off, reconnect and restart your Tivimate app.

If nothing works, change your current VPN with a good one. We recommend NordVPN that works best with IPTV services using TiviMate.

What’s the Best User-Agent to Use in TiviMate?

Here’s a list of the best working user agents that you can use in your TiviMate app to resolve the user agent error.

  • VLC
  • VLC/3554
  • IPTVSmartersPro
  • Wink/1.31.1
  • ProPlayer
  • PurplePlayer

How to Find the Current User-Agent of My App?

When you download TiviMate, it becomes your default user agent. However, you can still use a proxy to find your present user agent in TiviMate’s app. One good proxy option is Xteve; when you operate the proxy, it displays the user agent and device version. The proxy reports with something like this, “TiviMate/version (Linux; Android version).

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